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Frequently asked questions
Can I use CredAbility?
Of course. Anyone in the UK can use CredAbility for free. You just need to be aged 18 or over. Contact us for more help
Where does my score and report come from?
We’re partnered with Equifax, who are one of the three main UK credit reference agencies. They work with banks, lenders, utility companies and mobile phone firms to create your report and score.

CredAbility then brings this information to you for free. Contact us for more help
Who is Equifax?
Equifax is a credit reference agency. Other agencies in the UK include Experian and TransUnion. These companies gather information about the credit history of everyone. 

They speak to lenders, utility providers and mobile phone firms to get this information. In turn, these providers then use the full information Equifax gathers to make decisions about whether to offer credit to an applicant.  Contact us for more help
Why don’t you charge for the service?
Because it’s your financial history and your information. We want you to know about it so you can make better decisions about money in the future – and hopefully take more control over your finances. If you have access to this information and use the app’s other features, you could get cheaper or more suitable credit, or work towards long-term goals, such as owning your own home. Contact us for more help
How does CredAbility make money then?
Rather than charging you a subscription fee, we charge the lenders and banks. 

If you ever choose to switch to a new credit card or loan, or even buy a new financial product through the CredAbility Deals section, the provider pays us a commission. The providers are happy to do this as they know that across the CredAbility community, people are invited to look at products suitable for their credit profile and circumstances.

The Deals section works for you too, as it saves you time searching for the right product because each option is preselected for your profile. Contact us for more help